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Module 1: Introduction to Energy Basics
Included in this module:

Why we are teaching this course
Common Misconceptions Clarified
Free Energy
Planned Obsolescence
Perpetual Motion
COP over 1
EMF and Back EMF
Faradays Law of Induction
Lenz Law

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Module 2: Early Inventions and Scandals
Included in this module:

Michael Faraday
Faraday Homopolar Generator
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla
Current Wars
Edisons Spirit phone
Tesla Speaks to Aliens
James Clark Maxwell
Asymmetrical and Symmerical Systems
Maxwells Theories Redacted
Laws of Physics
Laws of Nature
Flight of the Bumblebee
Zero Point Energy

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Module 3 : Patents and Solutions
Included in this module:

Historical Purpose of Patents
Difference Between a patent and copyright
Problems with the patent system
US Patent office classification system
Secrecy orders
Invention Secrecy Act of 1951
Over 5,000 patents censored
Mainstream and Government funded labs
Examples of government funded research scenarios
MIT students cant light a lightbulb
Grassroots Engineering


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Module 4 : Energy Industry Suppression
Included in this module:

Energy Industry Coverup
Energy Industry Segments
80 percent of every dollar spent on energy
Energy Mafia
Energy Suppression Tactics
Deaths related to free energy research
Stanley Meyers and Cars that run on water
Water fuel cells
The Murder of Stanley Meyer
Bruce Depalmas N-Machine
Paramahamsa Tewari

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Module 5 : Cold Fusion
Included in this module:

Cold Fusion
Stanley Pons & Martin Fleishmann
Science by vote
Cold Fusion today
Andrea Rossi
Dr. Eugene Mallove
Malloves Murder

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Module 6 : Alternative Energy Technology
Included in this module:

Switch Reluctance Machines
Hatem Fly Wheel
Solar and Wind Technology
Nano Technology
Nano coating
Radiant Energy

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Module 7 : Combustion Engines and Electric Cars
Included in this module:

Internal Combustion Engines
External Combustion Engines
How Internal combustion engines work
Paul Pantone
GEET Technology

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Module 8 : COINTELPRO, Gangstalking and GCHQ Internet Warfare

Included in this module:

Cointel Pro
Internet Warfare JTRIG
Leaked Documents from Edward Snowden
Internet Defamation Campaigns
Free Energy Trolling
How much a troll is paid
How to protect yourself against online trolling

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Module 9: Energy Weapons and RFID Chips

Included in this module:
Energy Weapons
Voice to Skull Technology
Mode of Attack for Targeted Individuals
Hutchison Effect
Ex MI5 Agent Testifies About Energy Weapons
V2K Patents
Fractal Antennaes
RFID Chips
Chemtrails and HAARP

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Module 10: Transhumanism and Solutions

Included in this module:

Transhumanism The Ascent of a New Man
Morgellons Disease
Quantum Dots
Tracking Patents
Detox Detox Detox
Magnetic Pulse Therapy
Orgone Energy
Wilhelm Reich

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