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If you live on this planet, you are affected by technology. We all use energy every day. We all breathe the chemicals in the air and eat them in our food. We are all part of a society that has been using covert operations on its citizens. It’s time for us to wake up and understand what has been going on in our world when it comes to hidden technologies.

Whether you are an engineer, a do-it-yourself enthusiast, scientist, or just your average Jane or Joe, this book was written for you. If you try to do research on your own, it can be confusing and overwhelming. There is a lot of disinformation and propaganda on the internet, and sadly a lot of scams that take advantage of people. The true nuggets of wisdom and facts are very hard to find, we know because we’ve spent years searching for them. With this book, we’ve taken everything we’ve found and compiled it into one basic crash course.

Among the many topics covered in this book, you’ll learn about free energy, patents, political scandals, murders and cover-ups, engineering basics, cars that run on water, surveillance, gang stalking, energy weapons, and viable solutions to protecting yourself against them. We’ve cut out all of the fluff, and brought you right to the heart of the matter.

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“I read this book, well, listened to the audio book actually, in one sitting on a Saturday afternoon when it was literally ´too good to put down´! The audio book in particular demonstrates the powerful and at the same time peaceful partnership between these two authors, as they flow effortlessly and in a way that grips the listener from one to the other, disseminating vital and oft times hidden information in a way that makes sense to EVERY-MAN.

Two or three chapters around the middle of the book are specialized, appealing to those following the adventurous trail in to FREE ENERGY devices and so on. But do not let the technical side discourage you from reading or listening to this book from beginning to end, and keeping it handy for reference.
The chapters on targeting and electronic warfare are accurate and in a way comforting as the technology is exposed and explained. And the book does not end in despair at the dark and hidden things of our world, rather points triumphantly to solutions both spiritual and practical. This book is a must read/ listen!”

-Angela Power Disney
Targeted Individual, MK Ultra Survivor and Whistleblower.

“Authors Naima Morris and Tivon Rivers have successfully compiled a smart, easy-to-understand guide to energy technology that has been hidden from the public for many decades, with much of what they teach coming from personal experience. Part reference and part expose, Forbidden Tech pulls the curtain back on free energy technology and the tactics used by the highly politicized scientific stranglehold to suppress it, using factual data and historical evidence to demonstrate their thesis without succumbing to a conspiracy and fear-mongering tone used by so many others. The authors are careful to avoid conjecture and sensation, and as promised on the cover they manage to strip away the fluff to extract the real nuggets of wisdom free of disinformation.

The reason the book edifies so well is that it feels like a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, and their mutual passion comes through in their writing.

In short, Forbidden Tech is an excellent primer on how free energy works and how its suppression has damaged society. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, accessible volume on free energy, you’ve found it”

-Zebulon Rogers

What a read Forbidden Tech is! Are you interested in FREE energy? Are tired of the scams that pop up on the internet that promote such an idea yet fall short of delivery? Read this book! This is a condensed compilation of real information that exposes the truths of technologies that has been silenced and shelved all for the purpose of insane profits and the protection of them.

Do you question those conspiracy theorists that entertain the ideas of government coverups and elitist propaganda? The common misconceptions section will speak volumes to you. Are you a new comer into the arena of FREE energy? No worries! There is a section that reviews the terms and definitions that brings you directly into the fold of the FREE energy family before the ride even begins.

Are you a person that likes to skip the pleasantries and get down to the meat of the conversation? If so, this book is for you. From Faraday, Edison, to Tesla and all the way to Stan Meyer and Bruce DePalma this book covers it all. With tasty chapters such as “Patent Trap”, “Mainstream Government Funded Labs”, and “Energy Industry Cover Ups”, this book is a hard-hitting dose of reality with no fluff and enlightening truths. Maxwell’s Laws and the laws of nature; this book leaves no stone unturned.

Then the book finishes on a power note that just proves the patterns of suppression that have plagued this industry since its inception with the chapter on cold fusion. Don’t miss this eye-opening read. The passion and diligence of the authors are on every page of this book. Congratulations to Naima Morris and Tivon Rivers on a great achievement. To everyone that hasn’t read this book, READ IT!!

Andrew Gilbert Smith

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