FORBIDDEN TECH Weekly Update: Who was Bob Beck and Why you need the Beck Protocol

Dr. Bob Beck

Robert C. Beck or as he preferred, Bob Beck, was a champion of the people in health matters. He believed in freely sharing what he discovered. A physicist with a doctorate degree in science, he figured out a way to get rid of pathogens. It was based on the discovery of two medical doctors where were researching AIDS at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The concept behind Dr. Beck’s discovery was that if you could remove the pathogens from the body, then the immune system immediately begins to reinvigorate. In one study, he mentioned a man who could not get out of bed and was simply lying in bed waiting to die. Astonishingly within three weeks however, this patient was up and around and eventually he fully recovered! This is what can happen when the body is able to get rid of the pathogens – the immune system becomes supercharged far beyond what anyone had previously dreamed. Dr. Beck suspected that neuropeptides (cancer-fighting nerve proteins) were being stimulated into production during the treatment.

The Bob Beck Protocol, by getting rid of pathogens, allows these neuropeptides to be created in much higher volumes, and the immune system is supercharged far beyond the imagination of scientists who see the results. Although the protocol started out as an electro-medicine treatment for AIDS / HIV, it has become an excellent cancer treatment because of the way it builds the immune system. In general, the protocol calls for a regimen of inducing micro-currents into the blood stream to disable viruses from being able to infect cells and multiply, thus rendering them harmless. Inducing currents could be done with a simply battery operated DC pulse circuit like the Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper (or its variants) seen below:




After electrification, the protocol calls for applying magnetic pulse therapy. The reason being is that it was found in some cases the AIDS / HIV virus came back after electrification, and concluded that some viruses were hiding in the lymph system and not circulating in the blood. Bob, having 30 years experience behind him then developed the Magnetic Pulser to neutralize or deactivate pathogens. A pulsed magnetic field creates electrical currents in targeted body tissues. The viruses are then disabled from multiplying and is naturally removed from the body. Drinking ozonated water helps to remove the disabled pathogens and other toxins. For many diseases that’s all that is required for a cure. However, there are more steps involved for cancer treatment, which is more complicated:

– The Bob Beck Protocol disables and assists removal of the pathogenic microbes from the body except for the microbes inside the cancer cells.

– If the Bob Beck Protocol disables and assists removal of pathogenic microbes in the body, except the ones inside other cancer cells, how does the protocol cure cancer?

– The protocol assists the person’s immune system to be relived of its constant battle against circulating pathogens, allowing the body to focus on cancer. This is what makes the body’s natural immune system seem “supercharged”.

Bob Beck believed that his treatment, which deactivates pathogens circulating in the blood of a person, is a potent way to restore the immune system of that person. He felt that this was why his treatment had been so successful on his cancer patients. The bottom line is that with the Bob Beck Protocol, it is the immune system which kills the cancer cells, not the technology.



The Beck Protocol

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