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Chapter 1 Beginning Introduction
Chapter 2 Energy Vocabulary BasicsDownload
Chapter 3 Faraday Edison Tesla Current WarsDownload
Chapter 4 Maxwell Laws of physics laws of natureDownload
Chapter 5 Patents Download
Chapter 6 Mainstream Goverment Funded LabsDownload
Chapter 7 Energy Industry Cover upsDownload
Chapter 8 Stan MeyersDownload
Chapter 9 Bruce De Palma's N-MachineDownload
Chapter 10 Cold FusionDownload
Chapter 11 Dr. Eugene MalloveDownload
Chapter 12 Motors and GeneratorsDownload
Chapter 13 QmogensDownload
Chapter 14 FlywheelsDownload

Chapter 15 Solar and Wind
Chapter 16 Nanotechnology and PlasmaDownload
Chapter 17 Radiant EnergyDownload
Chapter 18 Combustion EnginesDownload
Chapter 19 GEET TechnologyDownload
Chapter 20 Cointelpro PART 1Download
Chapter 21 Cointelpro PART 2Download
Chapter 22 Cointelpro PART 3Download
Chapter 23 Gangstalking Download
Chapter 24 Internet Warfare JTRIGDownload
Chapter 25 Energy Weapons
Chapter 26 Voice to Skull TechnologyDownload
Chapter 27 Mode of Attack for Targeted IndividualsDownload
Chapter 28 Hutchison EffectDownload
Chapter 29 Ex MI5 Agent Testifies About Energy WeaponsDownload
Chapter 30 V2K PatentsDownload
Chapter 31 Chemtrails and HAARPDownload
Chapter 32 Morgellons DiseaseDownload
Chapter 33 Quantum DotsDownload
Chapter 34 BiofilmDownload
Chapter 35 Tracking PatentsDownload
Chapter 36 Solutions and EncouragementDownload
Chapter 37 Detox Detox DetoxDownload
Chapter 38 Magnetic Pulse TherapyDownload
Chapter 39 Orgone Energy Wilhelm Reich and RBTDownload
Chapter 40 OrgoniteDownload
Chapter 41 ConclusionDownload